Tokyo girls model photoshoot in Okinawa

A couple of samples from the first day of 2 days of model shooting out on a boat up north for a fishing lure company. What do cute Japanese girls from Tokyo and fishing lures have in common? I dont know either but Im sure its better than looking at some dirty stinky drunk fishermen lol. Anyway I must admit it was a nice change from the busy wedding schedule! I also did some aerial video with my drone which is always good fun! Drone video and photo packages are getting more and more popular. Also just did a couple of days shooting aerial video for a Singapore food TV network that were doing a documentary about food of Okinawa. Great stuff! 

Heres just a couple more photo samples from the first day of model photoshooting. The following day takes me into the water scuba diving from 6:30am shooting video of girls swimming into one of Okinawa's most famous caves. Stay tuned!


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