Monday, March 20, 2017

I took 2 1st place wins and a 2nd in Army photo comp!

I just received the honor of taking two 1st place wins and a 2nd place in various categories for the 2016 US Army photo competition! I had forgot I entered a few shots at the end of last year then finally I got an email a couple of days ago with the good news. The image above I shot while back in Australia of the super cell storm cloud took 2nd place in the nature/landscape category while the images below took 1st place each in digital darkroom and Military life categories.

Flower power with my good mate Lindsey Wedland who recently moved back to the US after living in Okinawa quite some time. Will miss you mate!

EOD Warrior is a shot of Matt Small who I had the pleasure of photographing with his bomb suit and some smoke grenades for this shot. Later on we also took some photos with bombs going off behind him. Made for an unforgettable photoshoot! 

1st place images were awarded with $300US prize money and $200 for 2nd place woohoo!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Okinawa surfing from drone view

Hey everyone! So I recently bought the new DJI Mavic Pro drone to use when I dont want to take my bigger, heavier and much more expensive Inspire 1. It is so awesome to be able to pop it into my camera bag and have it set up ready to fly in about 1 minute or so. It does not hold up in strong wind as well as my Inspire 1 but so many other great benefits such as range, battery life and way less buggy. So far at least anyway. Heres a little video I put together filmed just out front of my house on the sea wall. Hope you enjoy! For more of my videos check out

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cosmos flower fields family photos

This afternoon I headed out with good friends the Wendlands for a family photoshoot before they leave the island next month to live overseas. Right now the beautiful Cosmos fields are in full bloom here in Okinawa so its a great time for location photos with them as the background.

Heres some quick samples from today. Starting out with a fun one of Lindsey doing a great job levitating amongst the flowers.

Right now I have 20% off family photo sessions bringing the price down from 45,000yen ---> 36,000yen and a special next month for Valentines day couples location shoots for just 25,000yen for the first 10 couples to book!! Click here to contact Pete for bookings. 

Monday, December 05, 2016

Tokyo girls model photoshoot in Okinawa

A couple of samples from the first day of 2 days of model shooting out on a boat up north for a fishing lure company. What do cute Japanese girls from Tokyo and fishing lures have in common? I dont know either but Im sure its better than looking at some dirty stinky drunk fishermen lol. Anyway I must admit it was a nice change from the busy wedding schedule! I also did some aerial video with my drone which is always good fun! Drone video and photo packages are getting more and more popular. Also just did a couple of days shooting aerial video for a Singapore food TV network that were doing a documentary about food of Okinawa. Great stuff! 

Heres just a couple more photo samples from the first day of model photoshooting. The following day takes me into the water scuba diving from 6:30am shooting video of girls swimming into one of Okinawa's most famous caves. Stay tuned!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Wild waves out front as typhoon Malakas passes by

Okinawa dodged yet another typhoon this time as Malakas passes by west of Okinawa. Its been over a year now since we've had a decent typhoon hit the island. Anyone who knows me knows I love to get out and shoot the waves and craziness of the big storms. This morning we had some pretty wild conditions on the seawall out front. Went for a little walk with Lilikoi to check it out this morning and ended up pretty wet!

Monday, September 12, 2016

My big photography seminar... in JAPANESE!

Me at the front there presenting in Japanese for a sold out audience in Fukuoka city. 

I was recently asked by Japan`s biggest album printing company Asuka to fly up to Fukuoka and speak at a seminar about photography. The catch was that the audience consisted of professional photographers from around Japan who of course spoke Japanese. 

I figured I`d base my seminar on how to better use off camera flash for portrait and wedding photography because from my experience when I used to shoot weddings on main land Japan there was practically no one shooting with speedlites off camera. Of course people are shooting with studio strobes etc.. but for some reason shooting wirelessly with light weight little speedlights has not caught on in a big way yet as it has overseas. Perhaps because we have access to cheaper gear and knowledge of cheap lighting gear more overseas where as here in Japan most people only stick to name brand gear for their cameras. 

Im lucky enough to be an ambassador for the amazing Cactus Image flash gear. So I was showing and demonstrating how to use this gear and the benefits of using speedlights as opposed to studio strobes, off camera flash rather than on camera flash and various other techniques. 

I`ve taught a lot of photography workshops and seminars before but not many in Japanese and nothing ever this big. 130 people was supposed to be the limit but somehow I ended up with 170 keen photographers all ready to "take on my photo wisdom". 

I also demonstrated various Profoto gear as well because their latest b1 and b2 flash units are designed for location lighting. 

Showing one of my favorite flash modifiers, the Cactus CB60 softbox. The boom pole is actually made by Lastolite. 

bts photography by: Jo Weishu

One of the most popular bits of gear from the show turned out to be not flash related gear at all but my Spider Holster. If your not familier with Spider Holster thats the belt Im wearing thats holding my cameras in the photos for which I`ve also been an ambassador now for several years. 

The seminar went well and lots of people came up enthusiastically afterwards to meet and chat with me. It was a great experience to talk in Japanese with such a big audience but not something I`d like to do too often even though I can chat just fine all day in Japanese its a different story when your teaching and trying to get your point across. 

Thanks very much for coming to check out my little seminar report. If your interested in learning more photography contact me for a private or group workshop tailored to your photography level. Also if you haven`t already come by and check out my main Youtube channel where I teach free photo tips and give reviews of gear. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Okinawa real estate aerial video for promotion

I recently had the opportunity to make another aerial promotional video with the DJI Inspire 1 drone way down south by Mibaru beach for repeat client Colby who has a massive beach house that hes looking to renovate. Its a fantastic location and I enjoy getting out to new spots with the drone and making these kinds of promotional videos. Check out the beach house video below.

And heres another video I made for the same client of a pretty large house which is currently up for sale. Great property and real estate around the huge famous shopping area Rycom and Nakagusuku.

If you need promotional photography or an aerial exterior and interior video for your real estate drop me a mail here.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

9 tips for better sunset/sunrise photos

I was recently asked to put together some basic tips for capturing sunsets as its that time of the year here in Okinawa where we are blessed with amazing light shows daily between around 7-7:30pm. 

If your new to capturing sunsets and just want some tips then heres 9 to help you get better shots, read on below!

A few of the tips apply to any picture taking also. 

*only include in the shot what you want to show..
(be mindful of distracting objects cluttering up the image that take away from the shot, that goes for any image)

*Look for interesting clouds/cloud patterns
(Sometimes the best shots are not even looking towards the sunset itself)

*Take panoramas to show the whole scene. 
(often just a single shot can’t show the whole scene depending on how wide of a lens you have, any camera or even phone these days is cable of making nice wide panoramas showing the whole scene.)

*Keep your horizon straight!
(theres nothing more annoying then capturing a great sunset then noticing your horizon is dipping down to the left or right by a few degrees. This is what separates the pros from amateurs. It only takes a few seconds to correct and you can even do it in your phone)

*Under expose the sky a little. 
(If you have control of your exposure in camera then under exposing the sky a little will help to saturate and show more details of the sunset)

*Use flash
(If your trying to take a selfie or pic of your friend at sunset with no flash your not going to see anything except for a black shape, thats because your cameras sensor can’t capture all that dynamic range like our eyes can. The only way to correct for this is to use a flash)

*include some interesting foreground. 
(Having some nice foreground object like ocean, rocks etc.. will help create depth to the photograph rather then just having a shot of the sky itself)

*Dont be in a hurry to leave. 
(many of the best colours don’t appear until well after the sun has dropped below the horizon, if you can always stick around an extra 10 minutes at least after you think the sunset is over because often the prettiest colours will present themselves after you’ve packed up and ready to leave. 

*Look for reflections

(You don’t always have to point your camera straight at the sun. Look for cool reflections like building windows, and pools of water. Try getting down really low a puddle of water to catch a mirror like reflection and get twice as awesome of a sunset 8)

Hope you enjoy the tips! Get out and start catching some better sunset/sunrise shots!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Drone video shoot for marine sports company

Danny & Jo having fun SUP'ing out in the Kerama islands

I was asked by a local dive and marine sports company to to out to the Kerama islands with them to film a promotional video for them with the drone and also underwater so of course I was happy to oblige. Along the way I took a bunch of photos as well as you can see below. 

Check out the video here! Shot by myself Pete Leong and edited by Alisa

And heres some other photos from that day shot with the DJI Inspire 1 drone with the x3 camera, Canon 5DmkIII for other shots from the boat and underwater photos shot with my Canon 5DmkII with 8-15mm f4L fisheye lens in an Ikelite water dive housing. 

If your interested in licensing any images please email me here

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Wicked summer storm clouds in Okinawa

While shooting a family location photoshoot yesterday for my friend Todd and his family this beautiful super cell storm cloud appeared out over the ocean to the north of where I was shooting at Toguchi beach. The last time Id seen a cloud like this was a couple of years back in Australia while shooting a wedding. 

Seeing these kinds of rare clouds always gets me excited, especially if I have a camera in hand. Now that the rainy season has finished here in Okinawa its been pretty much awesome weather and nice sunsets almost every day. 

Todd and his family shot with the Sony A7Rii and Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art lens

Another panorama of the wicked cloud. About 8 shots made with the A7RII and Canon 16-35mm f4L lens with Metabones adapter. 

Hope you enjoyed checking out my cloud shots! These are my favorite kinds of seascapes for sure!