Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jet tuns 4

Jets birthday yesterday (21st). So we had a little party for him at home and got our good friend Sanae to make him a custom Batmobile cake. We got him a couple of PS3 games from the Lego series, Star Wars and Indiana Jones which we ordered from play-asia.com. A great place to get cheap import games for cheap. Heres a couple of shots of Jenna and Jet with his cake taken with my new Canon 5D mark II.
Jet blowing out his candles. Notice the fantastic performance of the 5D mkII in these low light conditions. ISO 3200 with 50mm f1.4

Jet & Jenna relaxing on the sofa

Jenna's eyes are so huge in this shot. I think I surprised her.

Jenna with her new little christmas clothes on. Too cute!

Jets Batmobile cake (Thanks Sanae!!)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trying to get to work

Sometimes it can be a real mission just to do simple things like get to work on time to shoot an early wedding. After a fair dumping of snow and very icy roads such tasks can become impossible.

I managed to get my 50cc scooter as far as the end of the driveway before getting totally stuck and having to turn back. My lovely wife was kind enough to record my troubles just before giving up and turning back only to have to walk 40mins with my camera gear on my back to get to my job.
Winter on the roads in Japan is a very dangerous time (at least here in Northern Japan). Its only our 2nd big day off snow here and already loads of traffic accidents have been reported.
I still LOVE the snow though!!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The future is here!

Went to Koriyama city today with the family to have a look at my favorite shop Yodabashi Camera and to do some other shopping. At Yodabashi I had a play with the new Fuji 3D digital camera. It has 2 separate lenses on the front of the compact camera shooting simultaneously to produce a 3D image which can be viewed in real time on its rear LCD screen. It was quite fun to play with but I think just a bit of a fad and cant see it taking off myself. There are also digital photo frames which can display the 3D images.

But the main thing that caught my attention today was at the super market. After getting a few bits for dinner and ready to check out I was greeted at the checkout not by checkout girls but by a new system (as far as I know anyway) where you do everything yourself. Kind of like at a self serve petrol garage I guess. Never mind the flying cars, the future is here! 8)
So they had a bunch of these DIY checkouts which dont take up that much room like regular checkouts. They have an LCD screen with a recorded voice (you can choose from Japanese or English) then just scan your items, pop in the cash or card and your done!

Whats stopping people from just steeling the items Im not sure of but at least its very quick and easy. Im not sure if this is the norm in other parts of the world or Japan and Im just way behind the times, but this was the first time Ive seen them today anyway.

Heres a little crappy mobile phone pic of what the "self serve checkout" looks like.