Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wedding photography blog COMING SOON!

Hey everyone! Pushing on through the crazy wedding season once again, with no less then 20 weddings to shoot just this month. That adds up to a lot of editing time!

Our company Watabe Wedding will soon be starting up a new web site so that couples from Hong Kong and Taiwan will be able to request particular photographers for their wedding day. Until now it has just been luck of the draw for them.

Couples will also be able to request us to shoot in other countries as well as here in Okinawa.

I will also be starting up a Facebook Pete Leong wedding photography page in the next month or so. Probably once all the craziness of the wedding season is over.
Heres a sneak peak at some recent weddings and engagement shoots I've done.

Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam

Took a quick break from editing wedding photos to enjoy some amazing sunbeams cranking through the clouds in the late afternoon from atop our office roof.

This shot was made with my workhorse Nikon D3 and 17-35mm f2.8.

5 exposures in continuous burst mode and AEB (auto exposure bracketing) hand held.

All put together in Photomatix Pro and Lightroom.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

First metal print ordered with Image wizards

Hey everyone! Its that time of the year again. The busy wedding season has been keeping me from being very social online. With 20+ weddings just this month plus all the editing that goes along with that, there is not a lot of time left for keeping up appearances on the blog, FB, Flickr etc..

After hearing a lot of commotion about metal printing from various photography podcasts I finally gave in and decided I needed to have one done for myself.
I went with a 22 x 36 inch Ultra gloss metal print from after hearing good things about them.
I first got them to send me out a few samples of the various type of metal prints and finishes they have on offer and must say they do look quite stunning!

When viewed in the right light they take on an almost 3D like effect that has not been seen before on any kind of paper or canvas print. Colours are very saturated and contrasty. The prints can even be displayed outdoors and protected with regular car wax.

The 36 inch print with a float mount cost me about $160 US which was to be expected but I was a bit shocked when I was quoted over $300 to have the print sent here to Okinawa, Japan from the US, almost double the cost of the print and that's was with the cheapest shipping method! Luckily good mate and fellow photographer here Robert Mellon let me use his military APO address so I could have the print shipped to him which acts the same as  US postal address cutting down shipping costs dramatically.

Once the print arrives I'll be sure to take a photo of it hanging on the wall.

Here's the image I'm having printed on metal

Stuck in Time by Pete Leong (Petesphotography)) on
Stuck in Time by Pete Leong

I decided on this one as I think the pallet of colours in this image should really be complemented on metal ultra gloss and also as I just dig this image and want to have it big on my wall.
This will be the 2nd in the start of my large print collection.