Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sledding & Onsen

most at the end of another year again. Got 4 days off work at the moment so enjoying being lazy lazy lazy. Been catching up on some ps3, mainly GTA 4 and waiting for Wall-E on Blu Ray and Afrika for ps3 from playasia.com (great place to buy import games!)

Had plenty of snow over the past few days and Jets been hanging to play on his sled so we took him up to Minowa today for a slide. The weather wasnt the greatest and it was busy as but we still managed to have some fun. On the way home stopped in for an onsen (hot spring) at Tsuchiyu Onsen.

Mummy & Jet at Minowa 

Friday, December 26, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone!! Sorry not much blogging going on latley as work has been eatting up all my time. But now its winding down now coming into new years. Jet just had his 3rd birthday on the 21st. He got lots of Lego and loves it. He also loves Skyline GTR's so we got our good mate Sanae to make him a GTR cake. 

Jets 3rd birthday
Thats one fully pimped out GTR! 

Also recently had long time good mate Swami (Ben) come up to stay with us for a week or so before heading down to Nagano to work at a ski resort for the winter.  And decided to turn my old room into the new home theater room. It took about 4 nights to set up. Hardest part was working out how to run all the cables and getting new ones etc. but its pretty much all done now and we even got a new sofa in today for it. The sound still needs a little tweeking but its working pretty damn sweet now. Just ordered Wall-E on Blu-ray and Afrika for the PS3 so should arrive  by new years hopfully. I'll get some photos up soon.