Thursday, December 20, 2007

Binocular Soccer

Im usually not at all interested in watching soccer. But if they introduced this into the regular games I would be hooked for sure!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New plasma TV

We got a new plasma 42 inch Hitachi Wooo tv from Haruna's parents last week. This replaces our old 32 inch crt box that served us well for so many years. Took ages to get it all hooked up as we had to unplug all the surround sound gear to get the old cabinet out because the new tv has its own powered swivel stand. Was going to buy the smaller stand so it could sit our existing cabinet but they sell for 30,000 yen or $300au!!! just for a little stand with a power swivel in it. Anyway the picture looks great, the tv has a built in hard drive so we can record stuff anytime at the push of a button. Ps2 games also look great so I will finally be investing in a ps3 next year after getting my 70-200 I.S L lens I need for weddings.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

NOVA students & teachers stuck

Kind of old news now but if you haven't heard already NOVA, Japans biggest English teaching company went bankrupt a couple of months back now leaving thousands of students and gaijin teachers stuck with empty pockets. Some of my other students who also went to NOVA had already paid up for a years worth of study and had lost around 8-$9000 bucks because of the debacle. So in an effort to get more well known and get a better image my companies (International Communications) boss decided that we will take on any NOVA adult (high school and up) students for free for four months. So of course the phone calls started pouring in left right and center from students and TV/newspapers etc.
Heres a clip from this weeks paper with yours truly
teaching how to say my name in English. " its pronounced Peet! not Piito!!"

Luckily the students I've had so far have all been a pretty high level and pretty talkative which makes my job so much easier. Anyway I'm at the end of my teaching career now with less than a week to go of full time work. After the 20th I will just be helping out with a little part time work here and there until around my birthday (Jan 10th btw!) then starting the new wedding photography gig from the 16th. Cant wait! it will be a welcome change.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Jet no like duckies!


We took Jet down to visit the ducks and swans a couple of days ago. Long story shot, he didnt really like it too much... lol. The ducks and swans make the trip down from Russia every winter to one spot in a river just a few minuets drive from our place. Haruna took some rice to feed the ducks as they love it! But when she threw it out on the ground near Jet hundreds of ducks come swooping in for a feed so Jet freaked out. Made for some great shots though at least. See more of Jet here

Got the job!!! whoohoo!

Just got the call today from the wedding company that I went to a couple of interviews for about a month back. The head photographer called me today to let me know I got the job! So super happy about that. So I will be a full time pro photographer from January 16th. Apart from the increase in pay it will also be great to get lots of studio training and experience shooting weddings and also various advertising campaign shoots for them. The name of the company is SP Villas. Check out their website here (only Japanese)

I celebrated the good news by splurging out on a new lens. The Canon 50mm f1.4 which I will break in tomorrow weather permitting. Will also be investing in some pro lenses now for the work which cost about $2000ea and upwards.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Fukushima prefecture photo contest results

Just got news today that I came 4th place (7th overall out of 400 photos) in a Fukushima prefecture photo contest. For my efforts I won 5000 yen or around 50 bucks AU. Also my shot will be in a photo exhibition held later this month. Not too bad for a first attempt I think. Here's the shot I entered to enlarge! shot at Azuma Sports Park
no major post editing.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

new HDR shot

Hi again! My new photography site is up and running now. Check it out at

Also just thought I would share a photo I took yesterday while doing some tour guiding up in the mountains. It's an HDR (high dynamic range) shot made from 5 exposures of Mt Bandai and Goshikinuma (5 colour pond). Hope you enjoy!