My Okinawan Sea Turtle published in Practical Photography magazine UK

Practical Photography magazine UK recently contacted after finding my Zamami Sea Turtle shot posted on They also wanted me to come up with a little background about how I took the photo and what inspired me to make it. 

For those who don't know already I photographed this Sea Turtle series a few months back during a camping trip to my favorite island in Okinawa, Zamami island. Zamami and the Kerama island chain in general has some of the clearest most beautiful waters in the world with visibility on a good day in the range of 30-50m. In front of our camp site is an awesome beach where you can swim with the Turtles any time the tide is high. Ironically 99% of tourists to Zamami island tend to hang out and snorkel at the other main beach Furuzamami where there are hardly ever any turtles but hordes of island day trippers. 

Before this trip I had only ever shot here underwater with my trusty Canon s95 along with the Canon underwater housing for it. Although very happy with the results from it I was very eager to get back there with my more recent Ikelite DSLR housing for my 5DmkII with fisheye 8 inch dome port. 

I already had this shot pre visioned in my mind but it was proving quite tricky to get it just the way I wanted. I knew I wanted a "split" shot showing the turtle as he was near the surface getting air, blue sky with clouds and some land for visual depth. After several attempts on the first day I nailed the shot that I was after with this. 

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