Saturday, August 31, 2013

Overseas Destination Wedding | Carmel, California

I originally met Katie and Andrew in Okinawa when they asked me if I would shoot some pre wedding / engagement photos for them at sunset down at Toguchi beach. It seems they liked the photos so much they asked me to join them in amazingly beautiful Carmel highlands, North California for their wedding and location shooting. 

Its always tricky shooting in a new unfamiliar location. But although overcast we were blessed with nice soft light through out the day. Here's a couple of Katie and her brides maids helping her get ready.

Out on the balcony at the Hyatt, Carmel highlands. 
Amazing spot!

The guys as usual took about 5 minutes to get ready and spent the rest of the time before the wedding in the bar. Quick break for a cool snap of the groom with his groomsmen. 

 Pretty awesome spot for a wedding!

After the ceremony we wandered the resort grounds for a
 few more pics before the reception. 

Time for a location shoot!
Next day we headed off to Point Lobos National Park for some sneaky location shooting. 
We drove through the gate loaded with camera gear and a bride and groom with their full wedding apparel on. The lady park ranger at the gate took a look at us and said you cant shoot here without a permit. Of course we were not going to shoot. Just walk around in wedding dress and tux. And if the couple got in the way of my camera while I was taking a photo of the landscape well that was just accidental. 

Point Lobos is a seascape and nature shooters dream. With amazing rocky coast line and big waves crashing up on them, thousands of Seals and Sea Lions and beautiful forest walks. 

If you are thinking to have a destination wedding or would like to have me come capture your special day in your country then drop me an email via the mail icon above right. It works out more affordable than you think!

Here's what Katie & Andrew had to say about fotoShisa | Pete Leong Wedding Photography: 

"Pete was the photographer for our destination wedding overlooking the ocean in Carmel, California -- his work is second to none. His talent far surpassed any local vendor portfolio. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Beyond his unquestionable talent, he was able to go a step further to truly capture the event. The tears, the smiles, the feeling of the day- all there in the magical photographs we will treasure forever. The photos are absolutely perfect. Thanks Pete!!!"

Have a look at more testimonials on my website

Thanks very much & Happy Wedding Katie & Andrew!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Canon Wallpapers

Thought I'd share these for all you Canon geeks out there. I was going through some old back up hard drives and found this old Canon wallpapers I've had for years.
Feel free to click the image to download the full size file and brighten up your desktop with some L lens eye candy!

Some images maybe too low of a resolution for modern monitors as these were from back when 17 inch monitors were the norm.
These images were not made by me. I just found them floating around the web years ago on various wallpaper sites. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fun at Renaissance Resort and wedding chapel Okinawa

Took a spin up to the Renaissance resort just up the road in Onna the other day to have a look around the grounds as I'll be photographing a location shoot there for a couple from Taiwan that will be having their wedding there. Anyone is welcome to wander in off the streets and enjoy the vast facilities they have there.

Here's a few pics to give you an idea.

A cool talking Parrot in the hotel lobby

The view from the lunch buffet area. Not bad!

Haruna relaxing on the balcony

Nicely kept grounds and beautiful clear Okinawa waters

An American eatery which was a but expensive but looked yum. 
Nice to have a cold beer as you wander around also!

Big kiddy pool with water slides on both indoor and outdoor pools. 

A Sting ray swimming along the shallow waters by the lagoon. 

At the lagoon you can see Dolphins and Sting rays swimming around. 

The Ribera wedding chapel entrance. 

In side the chapel. If your interested in having a wedding here its run by Tutu Wedding Okinawa. 

One cool Taiko Shisa standing ground by the beach. 

Bridge to another restaurant. 

Nice trees!

A selfie from your truly before getting in for a dip. 
Love Okinawa!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bellydancing with a twist of Okinawa flavour

Good friends Atsuko and Satomi that I've shot before only on stage were up for trying something a little different so we went out to our secret location to try and capture some dancing and veil flying at sunset. Easier said than done though as we had to all find the location in time, get lights set up, girls ready, walking across difficult terrain, and catch the shots quickly as the light was changing very quickly. 
With my great assistants Mickey, Kat and Haruna making the task much easier as there was no way to put light stands on the ground here. Especially not with an Apollo Westcott Orb. 

 Made the rest of the photos within about a 15 minute time frame before it got completely dark.

Thanks very much ladies!

Set up for this shoot: Canon 1DmkIV and Canon 5DmkIII
2 X Yongnuo speed lights triggered by my annoying Pocket Wizard Plus III's Yeah I find them about as reliable as my cheap $10 Chinese triggers more often than not. 

Anyway I would have loved to take my time and get the girls in some more interested poses and positions but as light was fading quick we just had to think fast and get what we could. 

Good fun and a great effort by the dancers and assistants. Thank you!!