Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Racist Cameras

I came across this rather amusing artical at Time magazine thanks to a fellow photographer on the Martin Bailey Photography forums.

Its titled Are Face-Detection Cameras Racist? Check it out here

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goshiki numa, Urabandai Fukushima

These "5 colored lakes" (although only white in winter) were formed only a bit over 100 years ago by the Mt Bandai volcano in the left background when it exploded and changed all the landscape around it. In warmer months its a beautiful place with lots of huge Koi fish swimming around and lovely emerald blue/green kind of water.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Good Evening Rota Island!

Just another gorgeous fiery sunset over Rota Island between Guam and Saipan.
Shot with Canon G9! Just goes to show you don't need 1000's of bucks worth of glass and bodies to get nice shots.

I had planned that I wanted to shoot this sunset from back at the Swimming hole near our resort, but we were being shown around the island a bit with a very nice fellow who is the assistant to the Mayor of Rota. Unfortunatly he had a few other things he needed to do before getting me and Aya back to the resort so I could prepare my camera gear.

So as the sun was starting to go down I was starting to get a bit anxious so suggested that we might hurry back now if it was ok. "sure sure no problem, just let me drop into my house for a sec and pick up my kids" ahh ok. then after 2 or 3 other pit stops i realized we were not going to make it back on time to set up so i just grabbed my trusty G9 that i was using to shoot underwater shots with and ran down to the closest beach just in time to catch at least something. no time to think about composition, tripods or anything just set the exposure and fire off a couple.

well composition surly could have been improved but at least i caught this beautiful fiery light which is something i vary vary rarely see back home. ah travel is such good fun and adventure!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Waiting To Pray

100's of Japanese people brave the cold and slippery ice to line up for hours on New Years day and the following few days to pray at Inari Jinja (temple) for good luck for the coming year.
Man talk about dedication!

You might also note I decided to try out my new watermark which is my everyday hanko (name stamp) I use for work etc.. For those who cant read it, it says my name in Katakana

Jet & Jenna in the studio

When I bought my Canon 5D Mark II, Camera Kitamura (the place I bought it) gave me a free voucher to have a kids studio shoot session and a free print. They encouraged us to try on as many costumes as we wanted so of course once you see the other shots you will want to buy them. I wanted to get all the original data on disc so I would be able to print them myself and post them online etc.. but that was not a cheap option. So heres just a few we bought at 1500yen ea for a regular small print + 5000yen for a CD with these images on it.

So here they are for any friends and family who would like them. I have posted the full resolution images so all you need to do is click on the image to load its full res file then right click and save image as..


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Iwaki photo trip

First of all Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a great xmas and New Years. I had a very average xmas day which consisted of a thorough medical check up first thing in the morning for work and then cleaning the studio most of the day.
New Years fared quite a bit better and was spent in Nihonmatsu with Stu, Andy & Emily and some mates over from Australia. Lots of crazy stuff went down but more on that in a later blog entry.

As I had a few days off work during the end of the year the family and I took a trip over to Iwaki by the ocean as I wanted to take the kids to the Aqua Marine park there to see all the fishies and other sea creatures as well as do some shooting at Hatachi Jinja. Hatachi Jinja is a picturesque part of the ocean with a Torii gate and shrines mounted on rocks out in the water.
A couple of months ago I was over there shooting for a couple getting married and loved the place so had been wanting to get back over there to try my hand at some more seascapes.
Here's a few of the results from the day.

Some final 2009 shots
Seascapes are one of my favorite subjects to shoot!
For this shot i used my Canon 5D Mark II mounted on a tripod with an 8 stop ND filter I picked up really cheap online. A few times some big waves came in an almost washed me and my camera gear into the ocean. This was about a 20 second exposure just after dawn was starting to break.

<span class=
In the car park at Iwaki Aqua Marine we found this SWEEET Ferrari and had to stop to get some shots. This is a pseudo HDR from a single RAW file processed in Photomatix Pro and Lightroom.

Top of the world Ma!
Here's Jet high atop a big look out tower braving the crazy strong winds to play with his stick lol.

Time to go home
The last shot of the day. Just as we were going to call it a day and head home we noticed some sweet light as the sun was setting so quickly pulled over to shoot some birds that were hanging around lots of fishing boats in search of some dinner I guess. I knew this would make for some cool silhouette shots before we lost that golden colour altogether.

It was a very long day but everyone had fun and I was happy to get some images I was pleased with to finish off the year.