Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shooting typhoon Francisco seascapes

Headed out with a few good photographer mates the other day as typhoon Francisco was passing Okinawa on its way up to mainland Japan. These are my absolute favorite times to get out shooting seascapes as there are monster waves smashing up on the Okinawa coast lines.

The following day I was out shooting a 4 location pre wedding shoot with this great couple from Kazakhstan below. As you can see the waves at Cape Zanpa were quite epic as well. More photos from this photo shoot in a following blog post.

Here are a few of the shots from the video above. 

Behind the scenes as Mickey and Emerson catch some of the action. 

A rouge splash coming straight for me

Used shutter speeds of around half a second for this one. 

Chris and Bear also came out to check out the waves. 

Slowing it down to 10 seconds with ND500 filter makes things look very different. 

An ND8 filter was used to get this look. Processed in Nik Silver Efex Pro

We managed to keep the camera gear pretty dry for the most part. I was overly nervous with my Canon 5D mkIII as I just got it back from Canon getting fixed. I took a nasty splash of sea water with it while shooting a Kite Boarding shoot a while back and it cost me 34,000yen (about $350US) to get it fixed! So for this shoot I took my 1DmkIV along which can hold up a lot better in nasty conditions like this. 

For shooting in typhoons, rain, water and any other less than ideal conditions I've just invested in a new underwater soft housing for my 1DmkIV and 5DmkIII. It's made by a company called Outex and their products look to be high quality and easy to carry around for traveling. About half the price of a "hard" underwater surf or dive housing at about $600US or so but I did order quite a bit of gear and accessories for it including a flash housing. I'll be doing a video review with the Outex housing once it arrives from the States and comparing the advantages and disadvantages when compared with my Ikelite dive housing.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Zamami island Sea Turtle shot in Practical Photography mag

Im honored and happy to see Mr Sea Turtle published in yet another publication. Practical Photography magazine in the UK recently contacted me after finding my Sea Turtle photo on the amazingly good photo sharing site Unlike a lot of magazines out there just after free photos, Practical Photography magazine were also happy to pay me to use the image and they even sent me out a copy of the magazine! Gracing the following double page is a photo by one of my heros Mr Karl Taylor with an epic shot of a bunch of paint cans splashing a rainbow of colour. 
The Zamami Sea Turtle shot has been my most popular image to date with my Redcliffe Super Cell shot coming in a close second. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ambassador for Spider Holster!

Im happy to announce that I've been invited to become an ambassador for Spider Holster, a company whose products I have used and loved pretty much since when I first heard about them a few years back. Spider Holster has changed the way I work as a photographer and made life much more pleasant.

fotoShisa Photography and myself are honored to be representing such a fine product and stoked to see my name up there next to the likes of big time pro's like Marcus Bell, a fellow Brisbane, Australia photographer.

Click the image above to come check out my profile page on Spider Holster's website.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

US Navy Military Ball Photo Shoot

It`s the US Navy's birthday and they asked fotoShisa Photography to come set up a studio and make some portraits at their recent Navy Ball on Camp Foster here on Okinawa.

It's always a challenge but good fun doing these kinds of events. These days Im mostly shooting outdoors in various locations with couples for engagements, weddings and families but 3 years or so ago before I moved to Okinawa I used to shoot in the studio everyday back up in Fukushima where I lived and shot Japanese weddings for many years.

For the lighting geeks out there I went with a pretty simple 3 speedlite set up. Triggered not by Pocketwizards this time but by the much cheaper but still very reliable Yongnuo RF-603c trigger set to fire my Yongnuo YN560 III flash guns. What I love about these is the fact that they are cheap and have wireless radio receivers built right into the flash. That means less set up, less batteries needed, less weight on light stands and less things to go wrong. Also used was a very cheap Blazzeo 160 watt studio strobe inside a Westcott Orb. The Yongnuo triggers also have a built in PC sync port on the back of them so I could run a sync cord to the studio strobe as it was close by although I could have just as easily attached a another radio receiver to that head as well or triggered it optically. Another speedlite was placed high atop the backdrop to shoot down with a little separation rim light.

Anyway enough technical stuff. It was a lot of work but we had a lot of fun too. Looking forward to doing more of these in the future.

If your organizing a ball or other special event and would like your guests to be able to have photos there then please drop us an email for details. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lucia & Ken PreWedding Okinawa from Hong Kong

Another really fantastic couple I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting for recently were Lucia & Ken from Hong Kong. While most of my couples shoots are "prewedding" or engagement photoshoots this one was actually an anniversary shoot. Lucia & Ken were celebrating their 5th happy year together and wanted to capture something special for their trip to Okinawa together. They wanted to have their shoot at a beach and also a chapel setting so I got them a little outdoor chapel just up the road from my place in here in Yomitan as their location. 
We were lucky enough to get some beautiful golden hour light and even a bit of a nice sunset to boot. Here are a few images we ended up with from the afternoon. my place in Yomitan as their location. 

Many happy years to come Ken & Lucia!

Interested in coming to Okinawa for your anniversary or pre wedding photoshoot? Drop me a message at this link. And remember fotoShisa Photography can also travel anywhere around the globe with you for that unique once in a life time destination location photo session!

Taiwan Wedding and Location in Okinawa for Ka Kiu and Eiko

Well we are in the busiest season of the year right now with no less then 12 weddings and a whole bunch of prewedding, engagement and family shoots just in October. Yesterday we did a huge all day large production shoot with models and lots of food but more on that in an upcoming post.

Here are a few samples from a wedding I did the other day out at Manza ANA resorts Watabe Wedding Aqua Luce chapel with a fun couple and their friends from Taiwan. The weather was making things tricky for us that day with wind and a little rain but of course the show must go on so here are a few sample images from KaKiu & Eiko's special day.

 After the ceremony and beach shoot the Bride got changed and we headed around the corner to Manzamo for some additional location shooting along with their friends and extra videography and photography crew from Taiwan. As you can see towards the end of the day we got some fantastic golden hour light and all had a lot of fun. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Leung!